There are a number of Steve O'Shea's out there, but if you are looking for a specific fellow that once chased giant squid around the oceans, defrosted colossal squid, buried himself within whale entrails and was an avid conservationist, well, you've found the right one here. These days you'll likely find me sitting behind a computer editing the scientific or academic works of others in my new profession as a scientific editor (, but occassionally my mind drifts back to another life spent on open oceans, researching my true love, the weird, the wonderful, the perplexing, truly magnificent animals that are cephalopods.

I've been quiet on the squid and octopus front for many years, because my life took a new direction back in 2011. It's now mid-way through 2018, and I'm only now updating this site. Sorry. You should see a few changes in coming weeks. Perhaps I'll soon even give reintegrating myself into the cephalopod community another go.

Below you'll see my own personal Giant Squid specimen, one plastinated by the esteemed anatomist and artist Gunther von Hagens. This unique specimen is now for sale; it represents a unique opportunity for someone to own an amazing and irreplaceable piece of history. Contact me for further information.