In 2011, when I walked from a university office in Auckland, New Zealand, to commence a new life abroad, I carried with me little more than a point-and-shoot Sony camera. I replaced suits and satchels for shorts, a teeshirt, and a backpack. It was a truly daunting experience, but I am convinced that had I not done this then I would not be here today.

For years I traveled, through Australia, the Indo-Pacific, Asia, Europe, and America, and my mental and physical health improved. The little point-and-shoot that had served me so well for so long was eventually replaced with series of DSLRs and heavy lenses, extension tubes, flashes, filters and tripods. My camera equipment today weighs more than my entire worldly possesions did (excluding one giant squid) in 2011. There's a new world and life ahead of me, and now a family also (I have a wee daughter).

Today, equiped with telephoto, macro and wide-angle lenses, a typical weekend will see me immersed in nature photographing birds, bugs, bats, snakes, lizards, frogs, mushrooms, trees and landscapes, a small selection of which are shown above.